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April we decided to purchase a ROV to make shipwreck research a lot easier. The ROV has been working out exactly the way we had hoped it would. Before the ROV, the technical divers would descend to depths of slightly less than 400 feet (39 degree water) and wonder where they were on the shipwreck. With the robot the divers will know exactly where they are on the shipwreck, which will make diving to those depths more comfortable.

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Shipwreck News

We have found several shipwrecks in Lake Michigan, since 2002. We were almost to the end of the season (October 2003) and the last day of hunting we came across a large object with the side scan sonar. Then the depth sounder was giving us great bumps coming off the bottom about 30' in height. We were in disbelief at to what our sophisticated equipment was showing us. We only had one more day to get out and scan and video tape. Meanwhile, we were studying the side scans of what we came across.

Then next couple of weeks we were trying to get out on the lake, the weather would not cooperate with us. Finally, the day before the boat is put away we were able to get out on the lake. We found out that the sophisticated equipment was working correctly and did find three large shipwrecks. This Spring we will be back at it again researching, documenting, and hunting for more clues at to what we have found.

Side Scans of two large objects.

Side Scan of Inverse Image

The summer went very well. We found a small 30' (in length) shipwreck and have sonar images of it. We also came across a large object with the depth sounder, but did not get a sonar image, however we have the exact GPS coordinates of the object. There is so much out there that people have not found yet.

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